Vegia Bags

Vegan Backpacks We believe in cruelty free fashion. Vegan leather bags can be both stylish and have good quality. So in 2018 we decided to see if we could show that to the world and started this small shop. Based in Sweden, we think globally and ship world-wide for free. VEGAN BAG WINTER SALE The VEGIA Bags Winter Sale is here! Some of our most popular vegan handbags, vegan school backpacks, vegan totes and vegan laptop work bags are on sale in our Vegan Bag Winter Sale. Get your cute vegan backpack for school, a quality vegan laptop bag for work or a beautiful everyday bag today. Stylish & kind. Everything in our boutique is vegan. Shipping is free & satisfaction is guaranteed. Don't know what to choose for a friend? Get the VEGIA Gift Card. SHOP FOR MORE VEGAN BAGS Check out our full collection of vegan backpacks, briefcases, tote bags and handbags. Get a cute vegan school backpack or a high quality vegan laptop bag for work.

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